Our Production Philosophy

Here at Rora Valley Farms we acknowledge the God of the Bible as the Creator of all things and source of all wisdom. We believe that He owns our farm and that He has given it to us as stewards for a short time to care for and work it. Our goal on our farm is to glorify God though growing food in a way that honors His design in Creation and that enables us to serve our family and community with access to healthy food. We can never do this perfectly and we will never have an ‘ideal farm’, but we seek to be moving towards a balance of sustainability and fruitfulness.


The following are some of the principles we seek to apply in our production methods:

1. Healthy Plants and Animals come from Healthy Soil.

2. Plants and Animals do best when operating in their Appropriate Seasons.

3. Plants and Animals do  best when Functioning in the Roles they were Designed For.

4. When Living Things are put to Work, they need Periods of Rest.

The following are some of the patterns in creation we seek to apply in our production methods:

For Plants:
-A mulch cover on the surface of the ground to preserve moisture, allow for water penetration, keep down weeds, prevent erosion, and promote life in the soil.
-Minimal tillage and plowing to protect the structure, organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms necessary for soil health.
-A biodiversity of plant and animal life to promote a stable farm ecosystem, decrease wasted resources, increase productivity, and create beauty.

For Animals:
-Rotating animals around the farm for foraging to increase health and to spread fertility (manure).
-Developing models to mimic the natural environments of the different animals for their happiness and health.
-Feeding our animals as natural a diet as possible so that our diet is as natural as possible.

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