Free-Range Eggs

tj200906011752-7Eggs are our most popular product. You can see the quality when you crack them open. Coming from healthy hens that are rotated around our farm, these eggs reflect the gold of the sun in the deep orange of their yolks. We hand collect and sort every egg.


The laying flock at Rora Valley Farms is composed of around two hundred mixed breed hens including Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Black Australorp. In order to mimic the way birds live in creation, the hens are kept outdoors and rotated around the farm so they can forage in the pasture and woods. They are also fed a natural grain ration mixed locally by Frank McEwen of Coosa Valley Milling. A recycled cotton wagon is used for a portable roosting shelter and nesting house and is rotated with the chickens. In order to protect them from numerous ground predators (including coyote, raccoon, opossum, and dogs) the flock is surrounded by a portable electrified netting that is powered by a solar energizer. The netting encloses around one quarter of an acre at a time. Geese are kept with the flock as well to provide hawk protection.

2 Responses to Free-Range Eggs

  1. Paul Romjue says:

    Please reserve a box of eggs. I can pick them up at the market on Saturday. Thanks!

  2. Janice Carroll says:

    Rora Valley Farm eggs are the best I have ever tasted. There is a huge difference when compared to what is found in grocery stores (even the organic and free-range). They are rich in color and in flavor.

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