All-Natural Vegetables and Fruits

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All Natural, Nutrient-dense Vegetables!  Tender lettuces, juicy heirloom tomatoes, succulent summer squashes, fresh-picked okra, and baby cucumbers are some of the blessings we harvest from our gardens seasonally . Our plants are non-genetically modified with an emphasis on heirloom and open-pollinated varieties.  Grown in a living soil free from chemical poisons, these vegetables harvest nutrients that our bodies need for health.

DSC_0148We have several gardens; one in a fertile creek bottom, one on a terraced, south-facing hillside, and other smaller ones scattered around the farm. For optimum plant health and nutrition we focus on feeding the soil vs. feeding the plants. This is done through applications of compost, mulch, rock minerals, and use of green manures. These gardens grow the vegetables for our family and our customers.

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